domingo, 23 de mayo de 2010

Get the blueprints for the LT magnet motor free energy machine here!

Since I began pursuing the creation of a working magnet motor without the need of any external

energy source I've stumbled on the web upon several magnet motor configurations but when I got

down to testing and building the devices they ended up not working at all. After a lot of

searching and reading I came up with my own working magnet motor device.

From the moment I conceived it in my head I knew it was going to work. And it did a lot better

than I thought, perpetual motion , free energy, at last, I don't know how to describe the

feeling I got when I achieved this. I decided to just sell the blueprints online and let people

develop their own.

I created this really short and easy to understand instruction for building the motor.

There is no scientific talk or technical lingo used, anyone, even a boy can understand. The

materials are easy to get.

The building process of the motor depends on you, build it the size you like and its up to you

to choose parts to buy, I just give you the concept, characteristics, and key points for it to

work. I'm not looking for fame or whatever, I just want this wonderful idea to free some ppl

from the costs of electricity and open a whole new world of possibilities.

With 3 steps you can have your motor 1st Click on the buy now button below to buy the

instructions for 10$ dollars.


2nd After you complete your payment you will be redirected to the download page

3rd open the downloaded file and start right away building your LT Magnet Motor!

If you encounter any issues at all send me an email to and I will replay as

soon as possible.

The instructions are easy to understand but feel free to email me asking anything regarding the

instructions or just to let me know anything about your motor.

Thank you for your interest.
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